What the hell is this?

You know it makes one feel rather good deciding not to be a bitch.

–Ernest Hemingway, Chapter 19, The Sun Also Rises

I am attempting to reconstruct my blog from when it should have started. I meant to start this a year ago. I really did. I have a collection of memories, photos, recipes, opinions, travel tips, interviews, adventures…basically, I have a whole year to catch up on…and “blog?” about.

That’s where the format of this blog is going to get wonky…or, hopefully, interesting. I will try and categorized posts so that their meaning and time are comprehensible, but  the most recent post won’t necessarily be what just happened in my life. I’m piecing together my past from scraps I’ve collected and failed to work with–while simultaneously updating and maintaining my current timeline of events and occurrences. It’s as if my blog from the past was created in an alternate dimension. It found a way to come over to our dimension but it got the dates wrong slightly and now two blogs (timelines) are being weaved together.

The writing of this blog originally started in Brothers’ Grimm Library (not actual name but close enough)

That’s my view when I started writing this blog that I never published. I’m not sure if it was the Pink Floyd-ian vibe of the room or the distracting geometry of it, but in the end nothing was put out into the world. The most productive thing I accomplished was playing Duolingo on the U-Bahn, making progress in a language I had no intention of learning. I believe the German word for this is “nutzlos.” I don’t know the Icelandic word for this despite living in Iceland, being married to an Icelander, and owning several books, programs and audio files with which to learn the language (Icelandic).

I did manage to learn several recipes involving asparagus. Asparagus season is followed by strawberry season. Bjorg (my current wife and wife at the time) and I stayed in Berlin from asparagus (spargel) season to the end of strawberry (erdbeer) season.

This was one of our many Asparagus-centered brunches during Germany’s exciting Spargel season.

For those of you having difficulty imagining life in Germany, it’s Europe’s United States. It’s an economic powerhouse with questionable political views in the south and an isolated bubble-culture in the northeast. It’s primarily known for its highways, unhealthy food and questionable leadership.